GYPRESS Workstation 10T Push Pull Control (Self Piercing Rivet Gun)

Fitted with a smart user interface for choosing different dies and Synergy settings, the WORKSTATION GYSPRESS 10T PP CONTROL is the riveting station of the future. The Push-Pull system allows the machine to install all types of manufacturer-specific rivets (self-punching rivets, Flow-Form rivets and solid rivets, etc.). The careful technical regulation of the riveting force guarantees perfectly accurate rivets every time. The traceability features meet the demands of even the most demanding manufacturers.

Maximum force of 100 kN that can be easily adjusted with excellent precision (+/- 2.5%). Quickly and easily change the riveter’s arm. Two control buttons: one button is for riveting and the other button is for opening the riveting machine or extracting the punches. The C-arm can be rotated 360° around the riveting machine’s axis. Several arms to give access to all vehicles in all situations. Excellent grip thanks to its ergonomic handle and singlefinger trigger.

Push-Pull System: This latest innovation facilitates removing the dies after piercing the sheet metal thanks to its unique stripping system.

SYNERGIC mode:The product’s interface guides the user on the dies to be used, as well as the required force, depending on the type of rivet being placed. Traceability: This machine is able to record riveting operations for completely accurate traceability. Playback recorded reports on a PC.

A built-in hydraulic pressure sensor allows the riveter to check that the required installation force has been achieved.

Designed for repairing numerous makes of vehicles (VW Group, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, Ferrari, Ford and General Motors, etc.).

Reinforced casing and manoeuvrable trolley with built-in storage unit. Spacer on the front wheels for even better stability. Integrated three-arm support.

GYPRESS Station 10T Push Pull

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