Our Company

Pac-Auto Marketing Sdn. Bhd. is a one-stop body & paint equipment and tools supplier in Malaysia. Our company represents reputable global brands such as CHIEF Automotive, Celette, GYS, Equalizer and others. We strive to promote safe repair methodology in the industry with the use of right equipment. One important example is the use of proper joining method. In most circumstances spotwelder is used to join HSS, AHSS and Boron steel. Where else for aluminium material, riveting and bonding glue should always be used. Aluminium welding should always be minimal and mostly replaced to ensure proper structural integrity. The property of aluminium material does not encourage repairability.

It is also the company’s direction to provide technical skill training for the industry. We provided years of technical training to stakeholders such as insurance companies, loss adjustors, repairers, and technical vocational school. We have strong relationship with technical schools like Institut Kemahiran Mara and Giat Mara. This is because new repair methodology should always be transferred to repairers to ensure all cars are repaired correctly to ensure structural integrity of the car is preserved.