GYSPRESS Premium 10T Push-Pull By GYS (Self Piercing Rivet Gun)

The GYSPRESS Premium 10T Push-Pull is a riveting machine designed for the placing and removal of rivets used in automotive repair. The PUSH-PULL function facilitates the punching of holes using the stripping mechanism. This premium riveter features a very large opening for installing rivets on thick, stacked sheet metal. The automatic / manual feature determines whether the die returns back automatically or manually.

The user can manually adjust the forward speed of the die, and the rivet placement force, to best suit the type of material being joined, in order to prevent any deformation of the sheets.

Push function for setting and removing rivets. Pull function, facilitates piercing and gauging of holes with the stripping system. Choice of operating mode Automatic or Manual In Manual mode, the die will stop in position when the trigger is released. In Automatic mode, the die will return automatically when the trigger is released.

Maximum force of 100kN (10 tonnes) with integrated pressure gauge for easy adjustment. Fast and simple to interchange riveter arms. 360° swivel rotation of the arm. 3 different arms available to enable access to all situations and positions on the vehicle. Excellent grip with an ergonomic handle, single-finger trigger, and push-pull selection lever. Magnetic dies for easier rivet placement. Maintenance-free hydraulic system.

  • HR110 arm
  • Arm Extension
  • 1 Box of Standard Dies
  • 1 Strap
  • 1 Arm Handle
  • 1 Box of 6 x 50 rivets
  • Weight: 12.5kg
  • Cycle Time: 4 seconds
  • Operation: Pneumatic Hydraulic
  • Air Pressure: 6.5 - 8bar



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