ATEX Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner - RUPES

This ATEX Pneumatic vacuum cleaner is the new RUPES manual or automatic pneumatic vacuum cleaner KX135MN/KX135AN has been designed with the purpose to have low consumption of compressed air, always keeping an optimal vacuum performance.

Both versions of this new pneumatic Vacuum Cleaner feature an integrated soundproofing system for reducing noise, guaranteeing a quieter, safer, and more comfortable workplace, as well as a pneumatic Venturi System designed to have high efficiency with low compressed air consumption and an excellent suction performance without using electric components or parts. Moreover, a metal working support station has been introduced to organize work in a professional way, having all equipment (abrasives, pads, hoses, and accessories) immediately available, with a relevant time and cost saving.

The automatic version KX135AN has a pneumatic circuit technology specially designed to have an automatic start up mode and switch off. The main advantage is a reduction of compressed air consumption.

The efficient conductivity of RUPES KX135MN/KX135AN, structure and mechanical parts allow conducting and dissipating much more efficiently electrostatic charges generated during any sanding processes. This RUPES solution is an ideal product to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres, in accordance with ATEX2014/34/EU regulation.


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