TEROSON EP 5065 Panel Bonder (Structural Adhesive / Glue)

TEROSON® EP 5065 is a 2-component, high-strength, impact resistant, solvent-free, epoxy resin-based adhesive. It has high impact wedge peel strength at high and low temperatures (-40°C to +80°C). When cured, it is hard, but not brittle. It is used in car repair for structural bonding of metals when crash behavior requirements are high (e.g. car body steel with or without e-coat, galvanized steel and aluminium). It provides corrosion protection. It is necessary to use an application tool with piston rod, e.g. the TEROSON® ET STAKU HAND DISPENSER or the TEROSON® ET DISPENSER POWERLINE II. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 10 recommended.

  • High-strength, impact resistant, 2-component adhesive.
  • High crash safety at different temperatures.
  • Adheres to a wide range of materials (without primer) such as aluminium, steel and sheet moulding compounds.
  • Excellent corrosion prevention.
  • OEM approved.
  • Easy preparation and application.
  • Spot weldable, as long as the material is not yet solidified.
  • Solvent-free.

Teroson EP 5065

Teroson EP 5065

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