GYS GYSTUD Arcpull 350


Weight: 11.3kg

Dimension: 30 x 24.5 x 22cm

Power Supply: 240V, 1ph

The GYSTUD ArcPull 350 is an arc-drawn welding machine designed for sheet metal work and the welding of steel and aluminum studs, up to M8 diameter, to sheet metal. It is also suitable for repairing dents in bodywork using pulling rings and rods for rivet extraction. Its intuitive interface, its polarity detection, its synergies, its motorized gun and its operation in 230 V AC single phase facilitate the welding of added parts.

The drawn arc brings many advantages compared to capacitor discharge:
  • Repeatability and reliability of the process.
  • Complete welding and good penetration.
  • Gas protection which prevents contamination of the weld.
  • No finishing after welding.
  • No deformation on thin sheets.
The gun incorporates a linear motor, unique in the market. This innovation has unprecedented advantages:
  • Superior control of the welding cycle.
  • Process management by digital control requiring no adjustment.
  • Gun with ground electrodes for an ideal current distribution around the stud.
  • Ideal for removing self-piercing rivets in bodywork.
  • Simplicity and speed of execution.
A digital interface provides intuitive and functional navigation between the welding modes:
  • Synergic mode has preset settings for quick and easy use.
  • The manual mode for experienced users allows personalized settings for a specific use.

GYSTUD Arcpull 350

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