GYSPOT Combi 230 E Pro - Steel & Alu Dent Puller


Weight: 49.7kg

Dimension: 45 x 43 x 29cm

Power Supply: 230V, 1ph

Max. Welding Current: 3,800A

Steel Gun Type: Manual

Aluminium Gun Type: Auto

Our latest, 2-in-1 dent-pulling machines. The COMBISPOT 230 V allows panel beaters to carry out dent-pulling operations on both steel and aluminium car bodywork without the need for stripping or disassembling parts. Guaranteed to save money and time thanks to its ergonomic torch for steelwork as well as its specialised aluminium torch.

Two adjustable setting parameters:
• the output power level (choose between 11 levels)
• the tool being used (choose between seven tools)
=> No need to select the welding current or the welding time.
Manual-trigger torch:
Manual gun: the welding process takes place when the trigger is pressed and the tool has come into contact with the part being straightened.

Microprocessor control and digital display:
• Voltage can be adjusted between 50 - 200 V (machine will remember and display the previous voltage) and the power level can be set between 0 - 10.
• Stud presence detection.
• Torch-suitable, three-pin, copper coupling. Technology : powerful capacitive discharge (66 mF) technology to weld M4 studs on all AlSi and AlMg aluminium sheets.

For working with steel:
• An earth cable 5 (2 m / Ø 70 mm² cable with connector)
• One multi-function torch 4 (2 m / Ø 70 mm² cable with connector): - welding studs, rivets, rings and washers - contact shrinking, graphite pen
• a complete accessories and consumables box (PN. 050075 : spotter accessories box 1 ) Power-supply cable: 8 m

For working with aluminium:
• One torch for welding M4 studs 3 (3 m / Ø 25 mm² cable with connector): - Aluminium magnesium - Aluminium silicium
• A brass, three-pin coupling 6 it is fitted to the torch for quick, direct contact to the area being repaired.
• A complete accessories and consumables box (PN. 050020 : alu consumables box 2 )

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