GYSPOT Inverter Spotwelder PTI.G

As a result of the world leader’s experience, the GYSPOT PTI GENIUS is the spot welder of the future. Its on-board intelligence guarantees full automation, offering bodyshops the ability to increase their efficiency. Featuring a genius G-clamp with pneumatic over-opening and easy to adjust, overhanging, motorised arm providing a wide working area. It is the most advanced machine for the active bodyshop.
  • Light weight of 11.3kg with the G1 arm
  • 80 mm of automatic opening capacity (20mm at rest)
  • Manual over-opening of the arm for access to difficult areas (200mm release)
  • Brass clamp support and arm-base for an optimal electrical contact (effortless maintenance)
  • The double action feature ensures a quick arm removal without the use of tools
  • Automatic cooling connection
  • Remote controlled clamp (opening, welding, adjustments validation)
  • Lockable gyroscope, ball bearing, integrated into the clamp body
  • High duty cycle (18 points/min)
  • Optional G9 arm suitable with auto mode
  • Optional single point gun (option)
Adjustable Overhanging ARM
  • Extends 120cm from the power source
  • Motorised overhanging arm to adapt the working height
  • Offset balancer form the work area
  • Rubber protections at the end of moving parts
Smart Welding
  • AUTO Mode: the machine automatically recognises – steel type, sheet metal thickness, panel bond presence and insulating material between HSS / VHSS / UHSS / Boron sheet metal
  • Traceability: The recording feature saves the characteristics of each welding spot performed to the SD card provided
  • Easily transfer saved reports onto a PC
High Performance
  • Welding current: 14,500 A
  • Clamping force: 550daN with 8 bar air pressure
  • Liquid cooling of the entire transformer, rectifier, electrodes and caps
  • The new design of the G-clamp cylinder and welding algorithm maximises productivity
  • User friendly navigation using the 5.7 LCD screen
  • Automatic adjustment of the pressure between electrodes
  • Spot count feature to determine when you need to change the caps
Robust and Mobile
  • Reinforced and manoeuvrable trolley with 30 litre coolant tank
  • Expander on the front wheels for better stability
  • Integrated 6 arm support
Power Supply 400V, 3phase (32A)
Max Welding Amp 14,500A
Dimension 71 x 90 x 200 cm
Weight 100kg


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