Smart Rhone

Smart Rhone is a multipurpose bench designed to handle all kind of light, medium and heavy collision repair. The most unique feature of Smart Thone is “QUICK ANCHORING” the vehicle can be anchored and ready to perform pulling operation in less than 15 minutes. Simply by removing the decking plates, the anchoring clamps can be slided horizontally and clamp onto the pinchweld almost without hassle. The good thing is the anchoring stands can always be fixed onto the bench and it is not in the way of loading and unloading of vehicle. This advantage is possible thanks to its unique design of the yellow arched clamps.

Smart Rhone is compatible with 3D electronic measuring system Naja 3D. Measuring can be done on the bench either before the repair, during the repair or after the repair. This makes the entire repair process easier without having to unload the vehicle from the bench for measuring process. All can be done on the Smart Rhone. The bigger advantage is, the bench is also able to accomodate dedicated jig (MZ+system) and universal adaptive jig system CAMELEON. Smart Rhone offers the extreme flexible repair solution to the technician and enhance body-shop productivity.

With 3500kg lifting capacity along with 1300mm lifting height the Smart Rhone is versatile to all kind of vehicle in its segment.
Bench Length 4370mm
Bench Length with Decking Plate 5280mm
Bench Width 1115mm
Bench Width with Decking Plate 2116mm
Minimum Height 212mm
Maximum Height 1300mm
Lifting Capacity 3500kg
Pulling Tower 1 unit
Pulling Force 10 Tonne
Power Supply 400V, 3Ph

Smart Rhone the frame machine or lifting table for smart, light and heavy collision repair

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