Phoenix Bench

CHIEF’s newest frame rack provides the size and flexibility to profitably repair today’s cars and trucks. Designed and engineered with industry leading features you have come to expect from CHIEF. The new PHOENIX frame rack offers the size, capacity, and flexibility for your shop to profitably repair the vehicles of today
  • 12,000 lbs lifting capacity
  • Self leveling deck
  • 20′ and 22′ rack lengths
  • Four working deck heights from 22″ – 40″
  • Powder coated components
  • Heavy duty lifting system supports repair from cars to large delivery vans, plus variable working heights for ergonomic vehicle access
  • Variable height rack with internal pump allows for more workspace with unique hydraulic pump lifting system centered in middle of rack
  • Multiple in deck quick connectors plug in at 4 deck corners to adjust to different angles for multiple pulling
  • All height and pull functions are controlled from a hand held pendant control – no hassles with foot pumps or changing out lines
  • Optional ramp lengths for fast, easy loading with removable for 360 degree tower access to free up needed bay space when lifted from the deck
  • Tall towers with 10 tons of power at the hook allows techs to easily perform multiple simultaneous pulls
Type 22′ Rack 20′ Rack
Rack Length 6706mm 6096mm
Maximum Length 8915mm 8306mm
Deck Width 2337mm 2337mm
Maximum Width 3556mm 3556mm
Lifting Capacity 12,000lbs 12,000lbs
Maximum Height 3099mm 3099mm
Tie Down Openings 272 252
Power Supply 208V / 20amp 208V / 20amp

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