Floor Aligner Octogonal

Floor aligner is designed to repair minor to medium damage vehicles. It is a simple and space saving system and suitable for smaller bodyshops that does not want to invest too much. It consists of 8 sides of rails mounted on the floor comes with choice of fixed pulling tower or hydraulic pulling tower. Central anchoring are 4 pieces of clamps mounted in the center of the floor aligner and can be purchased separately. In most of the time, vehicle is recommended to be anchored at the center section before making any correction pull. This ensures the vehicle is properly anchored and avoid putting unintentional stress on the vehicle’s structure.

Floor aligner can also be designed and mounted according to user’s preference with additional railings at the front and rear or sides. This allows more repair bays with minimal investment in equipment. Condition of installation on the ground should meet the minimum structural requirement to ensure a strong mounting in the ground. To know more kindly contact us for free consultation.

Standard accessories that provided is as below
  • 8 sides of rail
  • 2 pulling tower / 2 anchor tower
  • 4 grab hooks
  • accessory trolley with hook
  • pulling clamps x 6pcs
  • pulling chain with hook x 2pcs
  • lever block 1.6 ton
Specifications of railings
  • Railing total length – 5800mm
  • Railing total width – 3400mm
  • Height of Tower – 1200mm before extension

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