NAJA 3D Measuring System

3D Electronic measuring system is one of the worlds most advanced and user friendly measuring system in this industry. Celette has been well known for its constant endeavours to provide the best in class collision repair systems and diagnostics equipment to the car manufacturers and to the end user. We not only provide equipments but also offer technical solutions.

Wireless bluetooth between the computer and the sliding head
  • User friendly software for very easy use
  • No risk of faulty reading with green and red symbols
  • High accuracy and reliability upon NF X06044 Europe-USA standard
  • Customer measurement, report, can be recorded and printed
  • Calibration check bar included for ISO process
  • Vehicle data supplied (comparative and point to point data)
System comes with
  • Naja device head
  • Magnetic socket
  • Lateral probe
  • High gazelle
  • Holding arm for Naja (optional)
  • High anchoring clamps

Vehicle full repair process with Electronic Measuring System NAJA 3D from Celette

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