GYS Easyliner 39.02

Easyliner is a complete dent pulling kit, essential for repairing small, medium and big dents. Thanks for the Easyliner you can:
  • Remove dents without disassembling
  • Repair without replacing
  • Reduce the down time
  • Increase your margin
  • Improve your profitability

Sill straightening job: 30 minute instead of 3 hours. Accessories comes with
  • Spot 1000 trolley
  • Double action leveling bar
  • Dent box easy (stars, chuck for hammer, centering rings, warming point, carbon electrode, lifting rod, straight pulling rings, wavy wires
Power Supply 230V, 16A
Maximum current 3800A
Number of guns 1
Gun Type Auto
Earth and Gun Cable 70mm2 – 2meter

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