GYS ALU PRO FV Station - Aluminium Dent Repair

Proliner is complete dent pulling kit for aluminium panel. It is versatile and helpful in repairing dents only on aluminium material such as door, fender and bonnet. Using M4 studs, this device allows eliminating the bump and impacts without stripping. Automatic gun, the gun has no trigger the welding is automatic when the tip slides into the gun. The earth terminals are integrated to the gun.
  • Remove dents without disassembling
  • Repair without replacing
  • Reduce the down time
  • Increase your margin
  • Improve your profitability
Comes with
  • Proliner Alu Pro FV
  • Spot 1600 Trolley
  • Alu accessories box
  • Alu puller
  • Aluminium pulling ring 1
  • Aluminium pulling ring 2
  • Set of 4 aluminium hammer
  • Standard leveling bar
  • Car body shredder
Power Supply 230V, 16A
Max Welding Amp 13,000 A
Gun Type Auto
Dimension 21 x 24 x 36cm
Weight 14kg

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