Sevenne is a universal mobile bench, which can be upgraded to Griffon or Rhone. It is the most versatile and convenient bench configuration to be used with dedicated jig or universal jig repair. It does not come with self lifting but it gives mobility to loading a vehicle using a 2 post lift. This bench will be compatible to use with MZ+ systems with guided numbering.

The anchoring may be achieved all around the bench, thanks to its peripheral frame for the quick fixing of wheels, clamps, multi use supports and a steering handle. If lifting is needed in the future it can be added separately.

Comes with 1 unit Sevenne pulling tower that gives up to 10 tonnes of pulling power. No electrical supply needed to power this repair bench. It operates fully on pneumatic air via a hydraulic foot pump. Sevenne unit comes either standard 4.37m length or extra long version (XL) 5.79m.
Bench Length Standard 4370mm
Bench Length XL Version 5790mm
Bench Width 1120mm
Bench Height 520mm
Power Supply None
Pulling Tower 1 unit
Pulling Capacity 10 tonne
Bench Weight Standard 750kg
Bench Weight XL 1350kg

Mercedes-Benz A200 B pillar replacement on Celette bench with dedicated jigs and side gantry

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