Impulse Tilt

Impulse tilt is a drive on and tilting platform type of repair rack. The new CHIEF impulse will help you increase your shop’s productivity and profitability. The impulse comes with two 10 ton towers, and additional towers can be added for increased pulling capabilities.

The tilting platform and drive-on interchangeable ramps keep loading and unloading faster and safer. Impulse also comes with CHIEF’s universal anchoring system with eight working heights, so techs can adjust it to most vehicles for precise four point positioning.
  • Each impulse tilt tower offers 10 tons of power at the hook
  • 6,500 lbs of lifting capacity
  • Low pressure system offers more power and tighter control for faster, higher quality repairs
  • True 360 degree pulling capability
  • Unique tower design that allows ganging around the deck even at the corners
  • CHIEF’s innovative deck design for virtually unlimited holding and positioning options
  • CHIEF’s trademark towers with telescoping heads provide unsurpassed power at the hook
  • Patented sure lock tower locking mechanism offers unbeatable holding strength
Deck Length 18′
Deck Width 6′ 8″
Working Height 670mm
Maximum Height With Full Tower Extension 2480mm
Lifting Capacity 6,500lbs
Pulling Tower 2 – 3 towers
Pulling Power 10 tons
Power Supply Air over hydraulic foot pump
Tie down openings 172
Power Required 7 bar

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