M30 Frame Aligner

M30 Frame aligner is the most common and versatile pulling equipment. It has choice of having up to 3 pulling towers to perform any repair. The system in standard comes with only 2 units of pulling tower. Each tower is able to produce up to 10 tons of pulling force. The whole system is controled by centralized electrical pump in a cabinet. The cabinet controls each pulling tower and the bench lifting and tilting.

Tilting function is used to load and unload vehicle from the bench. It is very helpful to have this function as cars driveable or not driveable is also able to load with ease. The lifting of the bench is able to reach a height of 1050mm, good enough for works on the undercarriage and also to perform any 3D computerised measuring.

M30 frame aligner comes with the following accessories
  • 2 – 3 pulling towers
  • Dead dolly
  • Accessories trolley
  • Pulling chain and clamps
  • 4 pcs of universal anchoring
  • Loading winch
  • Pneumatic air jack
  • Full frame anchoring (4×4)
Bench Length 5800mm
Bench Width 2200mm
Bench Height 400 – 1050mm
Tower Quantity 2 – 3
Lifting Capacity 3500kg
Pulling Power 10 tons
Power Supply 400V, 3ph

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