SP802 Super Cutter is made of High Strength Steel that is specially heat-treated to achieve durable performance. It is tested to be able to cut the toughest material that is used in today’s vehicle. Bodyshops are having tough time removing these spotwelds using ordinary drill bits. SP802 is a solution for bodyshops to tackle the toughest material in the industry at the moment.

SP802 Super Cutter

Though SP802 is far superior than many drill bits, its cutting flutes gets blunt after removing 20 – 30 spotwelds. It can then be sharpened by S1000K Roken Sharpener to restore its original performance and cut another 20-30 spotwelds of AHSS. It can be resharpened as many times as long as there is cutting material

S1000K Roken Grinder

 The SP802 must be used with a slow RPM air drill to prevent burnt cutting edge due to excessive friction. The Astro Low RPM air drill is tested and proven to provide the best effectiveness to the system.
Resized Air drill

Low RPM Air Drill


Chart below shows the average number of spotwelds removal using SP802 before resharpening is required for different steel types base on its hardness (HRC)


Steel Type Hardness Number of Cuttings
Ultra High Tension (Volvo) >HRC50 20-25
Ultra High Tension (Nissan Fuga) HRC50 30-40
Steel Hot Stamp (Toyota Prius) HRC45 50-70
Sheet steel to HSS HRC30 up to 100


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