• Laserlock measuring system

The key is our newly designed body scanner, which locks in 45 pre-defined high-tech targets in real time. New technology means no vehicle leveling is necessary, so technicians deliver on-the-money reports each time, every time. LaserLock’s proprietary software helps in identifying incorrect pull set ups BEFORE they are made to prevent additional damage from being inflicted on the vehicle and to speed up the repair process.

One of the best ways to improve a collision repair shop’s cycle times is to measure every vehicle that comes in and blueprint a specific repair plan for each one. Since many shops only have one frame rack, though, the prospect of tying it up for estimating may be daunting to users of traditional computerized measuring systems. To address this concern, the LaserLock™ Live Mapping™ system features a portable laser scanner with out-of-level measuring capabilities that can be used for blueprinting throughout the shop, even on two-post vehicle lifts. LaserLock frees up the frame rack to be used exclusively for repairs, which increases productivity and generates more profits.

Comes with:

Bolt attachments and clips, Hole attachments and clips, 45 individually bar-coded targets, dual high def monitor, cpu, colour printer, steel cabinet and self-level laser scanner.

Powered: 230v single phase

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