Inverter Spot Welding Machine

Inverter spot welder machine is the most advanced joining method for steel sheets in the automotive after market repair. Due to more usage of high strength steel and advanced steel, spotwelder became compulsory equipment to be used for joining method. Spot welder are able to control and program the accurate welding current, welding time and clamping force needs to be applied to steel sheets and significantly reduces the Heat affected zone, thus preserving the original properties of the material

Spot 14500 TRAFO Inverter Spot Welding Machine
Brand: IMS
Model: 14500 TRAFO

‘- Inverter Spotwelder Transformer Gun

  • Spotwelder for advance steel UHSS, AHSS, Boron Steel
  • Maximum welding current 14,500amps
  • Maximum clamping force 550daN @ 8bar air pressure
  • Watercooled cooling system up to the welding tips
  • Operating with only 16amps delayed fuses power supply
  • Lightweight clamp and easy to handle 12kg
  • 4m total length welding cable
  • Multiple mode available, AUTOmode, Standard mode, Manual Mode, GYsteel mode, Car
    manufacturer mode
  • 5 sets of welding C clamp for best access to most of the area (C1, C2, C3, C4, C6)
  • 360 degrees rotating gyro for clamp
  • Anti spatter gel for welding
  • Extra spot tips for interchangeable welding (6pcs)

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