Dry Sanding Machine

Investment in dry sanding machine today is very common and it has proven beneficial to the business. Paintshops is beginning to move from traditional wet sanding to dry sanding. Dry sanding basically consists of a pneumatic sander (orbital and square), a dust extraction machine (vacuum) and abrasives (sandpaper).

Dry Sanding Machine

How do dry sanding benefit paintshops? When you dry sand any vehicle panels, you will not have problems with moisture or water trapped in putty and having to wait for it to dry before spray on the next coat. Dry sanding is also much quicker in sanding down especially bigger areas using air tool sanders as compared to traditional hand wet sanding.

Our dry sanding machine offers great value and affordability to smaller to medium paintshops. If you are any of the paintshop that wish to convert wet to dry sanding and looking for affordable system, you can consider our Dry Sanding System.

  • 5m length vacuum hose single or double user with Y-joint
  • Diameter of vacuum hose 1.5″ with built in internal air hose
  • Optional vacuum hose 1.5″ without internal air hose
  • Optional hand sanding block size 70x125mm / 70x198mm
  • Equipped with high quality random orbital sander 5mm orbit
  • Max. RPM 11,000 that delivers the best material suction through its multihole backing pad
  • The system comes with trolley and a meshed basket for storage
  • Sensor that detects incoming compressed air for Auto Vacuum mode
  • Dual mode option, Auto Mode or Manual Mode
  • 1200watt Motor, 2 stage
  • Maximum air flow of 3.5m3/hr
  • Dust container capacity, 36L

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