Dent Puller Workstation

Repairing dents have never been easier with the help of a complete dent puller workstation. This kind of workstation is offered by various equipment manufacturers such as GYS/IMS, Prospot, Elektron and many more. What is so helpful about the dent puller workstation is that the completeness of its dent repair tools gives you a much more efficient and accurate repair. Better speed, better accuracy means better profitability.

Contents of the dent puller workstation

  • Leveling bar
  • Leveling Lever
  • Extension joints
  • 4 Hook Claws
  • Dent Station Trolley
  • 6 Hook Claws
  • Magnetic Earth piece
  • Manuspot
  • Pulling Rods
  • Steel Consumables Box
  • Ringmatic
  • 8 Gripping Hook

In areas where the cosmetic lines on the panel is dented such as on a door, its faster to remove the dent by using the wavy wires. This wavy wire is welded on the dented cosmetic line and is later pulled completely by a claw


Alternatively, we can use the Manuliner for more control of your dent repair work as the tool will precisely pulls the exact point while holding the nearby area with a rubber stand.

The Ringmatic gun is a special design that enables a continuous weld of electrode rings on the damaged panel for a stronger pull on deeply dented panels

With all other assorted tools such as the lever bar and manual lifting bar

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