Chassis Liner / Multiple Tower Frame Aligning Machine

Chassis aligning machine is crucial in body structural repair for automotive. The aligning machine that comes with multiple pulling towers features a holding and pulling at multiple angle and force. This enhances the efficiency in aligning job. As advanced steel today no longer allow heating while pulling, a high pulling force capability is needed to pull the damage part into position before sectioning and replacement.

Multiple Tower Frame Aligning Machine
Brand: PAM
Model: M35

  • Chassis Aligner Universal Bench
  • 3 pulling towers 10 Tonnes
  • Vertical hydraulic self locking lifting platform
  • Rotatable towers 360 degrees mounted on bed
  • Centralized control cabinet pump
  • Short ramps for vehicle loading
  • Tilt function for vehicle loading
  • Push rod of cylinder, bolts for fixing towers
  • In built adjustable collars for height pulling
  • 3.5mm main chain with hook
  • Universal anchoring system with variable height pin slot, adjustable multi directional
  • Full frame anchoring system for 4wd vehicles 150mm x 4 units
  • Bolts, pressure plate, nut for fixing jaws main clamp
  • Wheel dolly for loading dead vehicles
  • Pneumatic air jack 3 stage for ease of mounting vehicle on clamps
  • Tools board mobile trolley
  • Consists of multi accessory clamps and chains, small clamp, mini clamps, wide clamp, hand clamp, strut puller kit, big bending hook, deep hook, slotted chain anchor, multi hole pull plates, nylon string, handy link, double chain hook and down pull device
  • Comes with pulling winch and wheel bracket
  • 3 phase power supply 400V 20 amps
  • pneumatic air supply for locking device
  • maximum load capacity 3500kg
  • 1 units total loss car for training purpose

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