Chassis 3D Computerised Measuring System

Chassis 3D computerised measuring system is an essential equipment for blue printing the repair works and also as a tools to measure the alignment of the chassis. The true and accurate evidence of a body alignment being properly done is by measuring the chassis of the vehicle. The crucial structural points are measured using the 3D computerised measuring system and the measurements can be printed out as reference.

3D Computerised Chassis Measuring System
Brand: CHIEF
Model: Truscan

  • Computerised 3D Measuring System
  • Powder coated baked finish with chemical resistance ABS molded top steel cabinet
  • Complete cabinet with 220V power connection supply
  • Computer with windows 10 Professional Edition
  • Heavy Duty CPU with extreme graphics, DVD player and 6 channel high output audio system
  • On screen photos of attached and where they should be located

‘- One touch movements

  • Comparative SAI and caster measurements
  • Colour printer included
  • Body scanner tray 6″ (W) x 23″ (L)
  • Laser scanner with 2 rotating mirrors, Galileo
  • 32 individually bar coded reflective targets for large scannable area
  • Metal style attachments, clip on bolts head
  • 58 alluminium snap in attachments with side hole clips

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