Waterbase Paint Hot Air Blow System

In today’s waterbase paint application in the automotive industry, it is important to have a proper drying system that speeds up the drying process. The process can be shorten by blowing hot air onto the fresh paint surface after spraying. Introducing our Waterbase Paint Hot Air Blow System that upgrades existing solvent base spray booths to waterbase standard spray booth. A waterbase standard booth requires high volume of air extraction exiting the spray booth to be able to remove moisture from the room. On top of that, adding a hot air blower that blows directly on the surface of fresh paint breaks the bond of moisture from the surface much faster.

Waterbase paint hot air blow System

  • The system comes with a new extraction fan with motor converting to full downdraft system and air blower system
  • Dimension: 1100mm (W) x 1100mm (L) x 1100mm (H)
  • 66pcs air blower nozzle with adjustable feature for blow drying waterbase paint
  • Comes with 1 hot air control unit for temperature control
  • Air extraction fan type: Axial fan 5.5HP
  • Other accessories available: Wall mounted infrared heating system



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