MI100 Control T Inverter Spotweld (Transformer Gun)

MI100 Elektron Spotwelder

  • High Performance transfomer pliers (X- or C- type):
    40 % less weight,
    25 % less size
  • High welding current of up to 14000 A
  • High electrode force of up to 600 daN at 8 bar
  • Impedance measurement for perfect welding results
  • Automatic readjustment of welding parameters, uniform quality from the first spot weld to the last one.
  • Automatic detection and compensation for interference factors such as dirt, adhesives or protective coatings.
  • Car manufacturer’s and custom welding programs can be stored.
  • Software updates for new car models are possible
  • Quality proof by logging important welding and order data
  • Available PC software for documentation and analysis of the logged spot weld data.
  • 5 m welding cable for increased reach
  • Complies with BGV B11 and EU directive 2004/40/EG


IMS Spot 14500 TRAFO Inverter Spotweld

Spotwelder Spot 14500 TRAFO

  • Ideal answer to welding requirements of UHSS/Boron steels with a clamping force of 550daN at 8 bars air pressure
  • Solution to limited power supply issues as it can operate with 16 amps to 25 amps fuses
  • Liquid cooled medium frequency transformer integrated in the clamp
  • High welding current 14 500A spotweld
  • Auto Mode available, no input of material type and thickness
  • Comes with gyro kit for easy handling of the C-Clamp
  • Transformer gun for lighter and smaller cables
  • Spotweld Malaysia





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