SP802 is made of High Strength Steel that is specially heat-treated to achieve extra hardness and durable performance. It is tested to be able to cut the toughest material that is used in today’s vehicle. Boron steel and USIBOR are some steels that is used at certain critical area to protect the passenger in the vehicle. SP802 is the solution for bodyshops to cut thru these materials. It is designed to cut with 2 flutes and this configuration can be resharpened making your investment worthwhile.


Though SP802 is far superior over many other drill bits, its cutting flutes gets blunt after cutting some significant amount of spotwelds. It can be re-sharpened by S2000 Roken Grinder to restore its original shape and performance. This can be repeated as long as the heat treated material on the SP802 is still available. S2000 Roken grinder sharpens with diamond wheel consistently with its correct contour making the same perfect contour on the cutter.


This system will not be perfect without the use of slow rotation air drill. SP802 is made of hard steel which will produce a lot of heat when it grinds and cuts the spotweld which is also very hard and tough. The heat produced will burn and damage the cutter if used continuously. To reduce the heat and protect the cutter, low speed air drill should always be used. SD800 only provides maximum rotation speed of 800 R.P.M. This gives the cutter sufficient room to cool and continue to perform continuously.