Self piercing rivet or also known as SPR is a type of rivet that is used to join aluminium panels that does not require a hole to be drilled before hand. SPR is forcefully pressed together on panels to make a join that can hold vertical force exerted to separate the panel. SPR can be applied on panel using a minimum 8 tonne hydraulic press with dedicated die kit. This is a joining method that is used by many OEMs

self piercing rivet gypress

GYPRESS 10 Tonne

  • Gypress exerts force up to 10 tonne hydraulic force during clamping of its rivet
  • Push pull rivet gun that can press and also pull
  • Force and speed control available
  • Fast and easy arm change
  • C-arm swivel 360 degrees around for easy to work with
  • Magnetic die makes rivet positioning easy
  • Weight without clamp: 4kg
  • Maximum 10 bar air pressure
  • Options HR1, HR2 and HR3 arm
  • For self piercing rivets and flow form rivet
self piercing rivet questok


  • QUESTOK produces high quality battery powered SPR riveting gun
  • DC 18V Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Pressure adjustable 25 – 45kN
  • Easy change of clamps for different area application
  • Multiple sets of die kit for different OEMs
  • Available in small and big clamp option
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Main body weight: 4kg
  • Work time full charge: 150 – 200 times
  • Charger: 240V, 50Hz