X-ONE is a lifting and rapid pulling platform specially designed for light and cosmetic damage repairs. Vehicles can be driven on and anchored in matter of minutes. Anchoring stands are easily mounted on the sides of the platform and ready to clamp. The mini pulling tower still offers a 10 tonne pull at multiple direction and angle. With the help of tower adaptor, the pulling tower can be anchored the both sides of the platform to perform side pulls.

This mini versatile platform repair is also compatible to be used with NAJA 3D computerised measuring system. To perform this, the vehicle must be anchored using the high stands to provide sufficient gap in between the platform and the undercarriage for the measuring head and rail. This equipment is the best combination as the second unit investment after a major pulling bench such as the Sevenne, Rhone or Griffon

Bench Length3670mm
Bench Width900mm
Bench Min Height110mm
Bench Max Height1300mm
Lifting Capacity2500kg
Pulling Tower1 unit
Pulling Force10 Tonne
Power Supply400V, 3ph