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Pac Auto Marketing is a one stop body and paint equipment supplier in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia with over 22 years of experience. The company began its operations in September 1996 and have since setup countless Body & Paint centers in Malaysia. At Pac-Auto, we provide consultation on workshop layout design, compressed air piping circuit design, understanding on equipment requirements, key account requirements, accident claims management and workshop operational issues.

The company strives to provide:

  • Timely and professional AFTER SALES SERVICE to our clients
  • Up to date TECHNICAL TRAINING to our clients
  • Continuous updates on OEM repair Methodology to uphold proper repair in our industry

These promises are our pillar of strength and motivation, and it is what keeps us moving forward. After sales service can be divided into 3 areas, training, maintenance and repair. Technical training is compulsory and should always be provided upon any supply of equipment. The training will cover on proper usage of the equipment, proper daily maintenance, safety issues and technology relevance. Maintenance on the machine should be done as much as possible by the user and also to undergo periodic scheduled maintenance by qualified personnel. We are also committed to respond to equipment breakdown on time to provide repair works and parts replacement.

OEM repair methodology is changing in a rapid manner as more sophisticated materials are used to build the car. Not to mention, vast usage of new high technology safety features in cars today, requires the right equipment to re-calibrate the sensors after a crash. A frontal crash requires ADAS system to re-align the automatic braking sensors, seatbelts pre-tensioner deployed requires complete replacement of the belt, buckle and nut. Any repairers who are not well informed, are putting lives at risk as they repair these cars. We have the right and responsibility to share technical understanding and knowledge with bodyshops to keep them on par with the industry standard.

To know if a body and paint shop has the necessary and important equipment, see below, a list all that is needed:

HYDRAULIC LIFTERLifter to lift the vehicle upwards during damage assessment and estimation. This is crucial to expose most of the damage areas on a vehicle. Not to mention the dismantling works on mechanical parts before the damage correction can be done to the structure.

ELECTRONIC MEASURING SYSTEM – Machine to measure the alignment of the chassis digitally to uncover hidden damages. Measurement should be done before, during and after repair. Refer Measuring

FRAME ALIGNER – Machine to make pulls on the chassis of the vehicle using hydraulic rams as the car is clamped properly at the center section. Making pulls on an unclamped damaged car may inflict more damage to it. Refer Aligner

SPOTWELDER – A machine that provides proper joints by means of resistance welding. This should be used the most as it is the best for Advance materials, such as Boron Steel and USIBOR

MAG WELDER – Basic welder that is used to join mild steel and cosmetic panels

DENT PULLING MACHINE – Machine to remove dents on body panels

SPRAY BOOTH – Enclosed clean room with air extraction for spray painting works. This is important to make sure proper air extraction that removes overspray and keeps dust on the ground at all time.

DRY SANDING MACHINE – Machine to extract dust and particles from sanding of surfaces with coating. This is needed for paint refinishing as the surface is prep before it is painted.


“Repair It Right The First Time”

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