Automotive Premium Polishing Set

Polishing works is one of the very crucial step in paint refinishing. Unlike detailing, paint refinish polishing is only to remove dirt and to make it shine before the car is delivered to the owner. The few areas where polishing in paint refinish is focused on are removing orange peel, removing dirt on clearcoat and lastly to make in shine. Introducing the automotive premium polishing set that consists of a rotary polisher and a dual action polisher from Rupes, Italy

Light Weight Rotary Polisher Machine

  • Backing plate: 125mm (5″)
  • Power: 1200watts
  • RPM: 450 – 1700
  • Weight: 4.85lbs
  • Cord Length: 29ft

21mm Orbit DA Polisher Machine

  • Power: 500W
  • RPM: 2000 – 5000
  • Orbit Size: 15mm
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Backing Pad: 125mm (5″)



“Repair It Right The First Time”

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