Inverter Spot Welding Machine

Inverter spot welder machine is the most advanced joining method for steel sheets in the automotive after market repair. Due to more usage of high strength steel and advanced steel, spotwelder became compulsory equipment to be used for joining method. Spot welder are able to control and program the accurate welding current, welding time and

Dry Sanding Machine Mobile

Dry Sanding Machine MobileBrand: RupesModel: S145EPL Dry sanding machine mobile made by RUPES, only from Italy. Provides efficient dust extraction gives longer lasting abrasives and cleaner working environment. Comes with mobile trolley with differen compartments for effective storages and disposal. Power: 1200 watt Weight: 13.5kg Max power socket: 2400watt vacuum: 2000 mmH2O Noise: 67dBA Tank

Automotive Premium Polishing Set

Polishing works is one of the very crucial step in paint refinishing. Unlike detailing, paint refinish polishing is only to remove dirt and to make it shine before the car is delivered to the owner. The few areas where polishing in paint refinish is focused on are removing orange peel, removing dirt on clearcoat and

Advance Waterbase Spray Booth

Advance waterbase spray booth is different from traditional spray booths that we see in every paint shop. Ever since waterbase paint was introduced by automotive paint manufacturers, more paint shops are moving towards upgrading their existing to waterbase ready, or even getting a completely new waterbase booth. This is align with many European government’s intention