Advanced Preparation Bay With Extraction System

Advanced preparation bay with extraction system is the modern world painting solutions that caters efficiency and good working environment. It features an extraction system either enclosed or semi enclosed to prevent dust particles to flow around the workshop. With good illumination, air flow and enclosed situation is perfect use for any paintshop.

Advanced Preparation Bay with Extraction System
Brand: Green Booth
Model: PB1

‘Transparent curtain enclosed air suction system

  • Dimension: 7000mm (L) x 4500mm (W) x 2540 (H)
  • Wall panel design: PVC transparent curtain 7000mm x 2540mm 2 units
  • Rear sandwich panel design 4500mm x 2540mm
  • Front motorized roller curtain with semi transparent cloth curtain (Black) 4450mm width

Air Extraction System

  • Air suction fan 7.5HP
  • Air purification system: EU4, polyester fiber
  • Illumination upper lighting x 10 sets LED panel lighting 40W
  • Illumination dimension 295 x 1195mm, Nominal flux: 3416 , Efficacy: 120lm/w, Driver flicker free
  • Exhaust duct: GI spider duct 0.8mm T

Other Features

  • 2 rows metal grating
  • Normal conventional push button
  • Raised up metal basement for extraction of air
  • Metal basement dimension: 4500mm (W) x 7000mm (L) x 305mm (H)
  • Metal ramp for drive on 2000mm front
  • Compressed air filtration system 1 stage, sintered filter

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