Advance Waterbase Spray Booth

Advance waterbase spray booth is different from traditional spray booths that we see in every paint shop. Ever since waterbase paint was introduced by automotive paint manufacturers, more paint shops are moving towards upgrading their existing to waterbase ready, or even getting a completely new waterbase booth. This is align with many European government’s intention to reduce VOC in paint material. Waterbase paint application and drying method is different from solvent base paint, therefore the change in booth specification is necessary.

A waterbase spray booth is basically an upgrade of air flow and additional air blowers installed to disrupt the moist on the painted surface. Unlike solvent base paint, the key to drying painted surface is to remove the moisture content in the room as much as possible by having higher fresh air volume coming into the room and higher air volume extracted from the room at the same time. To enhance the effectiveness of drying waterbase paint, air blowers are placed in the booth to break the moisture bond on the surface with warm air. The air is then removed from the room by the extraction fan.

Advance waterbase spray booth must function on enclosed full downdraft type system to achieve the required minimum air extraction rate and to keep the room as clean as possible. Full downdraft keeps all unwanted particles on the ground and trapped on the paint arrestor that is sitting below the gratings. This will give the best working condition for the spray painter.

  • Type: Full Down Draft
  • Booth Dimension: 4700mm (W) x 7100mm (L) x 2540mm (H)
  • Pit Type: Raised Metal Basement
  • Service Door: Front Door, Single Leaf Full Glass
  • Panel Design: Double sandwich panel epoxy powder coating
  • Heating System: Infrared Medium Wave, flushed inside panel
  • Air Circulation: 3 Motor Type, 1 Intake, 2 Extraction
  • Illumination: LED panel 40W upper and lower
  • Accessories: Over pressure valve

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